Men’s Best Hairstyles For 2017

Men’s Best Hairstyles For 2017

Winter is almost here, and with the change of season it may be time to change other things... Break out the coats and jackets, boots and blazers, and of course, change up your hairstyle so that you’ll be holiday party-ready from head to toe. Whether you have an epic trip planned for New Year’s, want to hit up the club scene, or are just ready to refresh your look, this collection of 2017’s best men’s hairstyles – fresh off the hottest trends lists and red carpets – will have you looking sharper than ever.

Undercuts and Fades

When it comes to fades and undercuts, the trend this year has been to keep a fair amount of length on top for sculpting, with tapered sides. Side-length varies, but here are a few different styles that have a made a statement this year.

Sculptured Chaos

Sculptured Chaos

Making number five on USA Today’s list of the best male celebrity hairstyles of 2017, The Weeknd decided to lose the dreadlocks in favor short sides with a high (but not flat) top. A few longer curls give the look that perfectly-disheveled finish.

Fresh and Clean

Fresh and Clean Wavy Pompadour

A wavy pompadour just oozes class and style. It’s a timeless look popular through several decades, but updated for 2017 with clean lines, a full beard, and mid-length fade. predicts it will be a hot trend next year as well.

Sleek and Smooth

Sleek and Smooth Hair Style

Another standout on the Men’s Hairstyles Today list of 2017-2018’s best hair trends is slicked back hair with an undercut or fade. The disconnected undercut is aligned with the year’s emphasis on distinctive lines and hard parts. This style can be achieved with a pomade or gel, depending on your hair type.

Crops and Crew Cuts

It may be cooling down, but if you can handle the chill (or live in a warmer climate), you may consider keeping it trim and tapered, with little to no facial hair. These very short hairstyles are for strong, confident gentlemen who want a strong, confident look.

Crisp and Conservative

Crisp and Conservative Hair Style

GQ caught John Legend looking refined with this close-cropped fade. Mahershala Ali, also on GQ’s list of the best celebrity haircuts of 2017, has a slightly higher variant that gives this clean-cut look a unique finish. Both versions show character and sophistication.

Caught in the Crosshairs

diamond-patterned crew cut with black-and-blonde

This almost diamond-patterned crew cut with black-and-blonde balayage highlights will catch more than the light – you’ll be catching plenty of eyes, too. A cropped fringe over the forehead neatly rounds off this boldly textured cut, with a high fade for even greater contrast.

High and Tight

High and Tight Hair Style

Simple yet sexy, this no-nonsense look just never gets old, so it’s no surprise it was one of the most popular styles this year. Square it off for a true military-style crew cut, or leave a little length in the front for an abbreviated quiff.

Medium to Long

If you’ve just begun growing out your locks or are looking to show off an already-full mane, this is the perfect time of year to let your hair down, as they say. Maybe in answer to the season’s other, more manicured styles, guys in 2017 are also rocking the casual and natural look, with a bit of purposeful disarray for texture.

Legendary Lengths

Legendary Lengths Hair Style

This cover photo turned Instagram instant-hit is a perfect example of the piecey, distressed texture and static-y volume that is so ‘in’ this year. If you have the length and are ready for some proper mischief-making, grab some mousse and find the method to your madness.

Battle of the Braids

Jason Derulo Hair Style

USA Today put Jason Derulo at number 45 in their hottest celeb hairstyles gallery with his textured braids, combining several trends at once with natural length as well as shaved side details. A$AP Rocky also made the list, at number 15, with a more casual, disheveled-yet-dapper, pulled-back style.

Medium and Messy

Dev Patel’s Hair Style

Dev Patel’s debonair new ‘do’ came in at number 4 in USA Today’s top 50 celebrity hairstyles of the year with his messy-but-mature mane and grown out facial hair. Slik Haar Shop (the self-styled online mecca of all things men’s hair) agrees this look is sure to be a crowd-pleaser – and keep you warm this winter.

Hipster Hairstyles

Whether you’re a loud and proud hipster or just want to try out the year’s casual and alternative new trend, there are several different hairstyles for men to achieve that ‘counter-culture’ look whether their hair is short or long, curly or straight.

The Man-Bun

Man Bun Hair Style

Though it’s been floating around for a few years and many questioned if the trend would last, 2017 proved the man-bun is here to stay. In 2014, men and women were both divided on whether it was sexy or sleazy, but between viral videos and actors and singers adopting the style, it’s now a major player on runways as well as social media.

On the Fringe


Fringe-cut bangs may seem like a thing of the past. They may remind you of the 60’s moptop only without the long back and sides, instead usually cut short-to-medium and styled casual. Popular among hipsters, the unconventional new hairstyle for men was one of Slik Haar Shop’s biggest Fall trends.

Fringe with a Twist

blunt cropped fringe bangs hair cut

If the blunt cropped fringe bangs just don’t do it for you – or you don’t have the straight hair to pull it off – you may consider trying a curled fringe instead (natural or styled). Facial hair can be kept short or grown out long, depending on your personal preference, but full coverage is certainly the ruling trend.

Mohawks and Fauxhaws

Geometric and other creative designs are the biggest trend this year when it comes to this traditionally punk and alternative style. No more is it all about inky black spikes or multicolored blades of hair waxed and flat-ironed into shape; in 2017, it’s all about clean lines and original styling, without tons of product to weigh you down.

Fauxhawk Fashion

Fauxhawk Fashion

A smooth-crested pompadour creates the illusion of this suave fauxhawk, accented by a ray of diamond-tipped columns around the ear. Even the brow line is part of the presentation, giving the impression of a Roman soldier – much better than the Caesar cuts of old.

Can’t See the Forest…

Creative Hair Styles

This amazing tree branch design holds up a ridge of natural curls to look like a Tree of Life on a stormy night. Artistic and brooding, this look made’s 2017 roundup of “THE Best Men’s Haircuts,” and it’s no surprise why.

Getting Lit

Mens Colored Hair Style

Colored spikes highlight this platinum blonde ‘hawk, giving an alternative edge to another big 2017 trend – bleached blonde, almost-white, buzz cuts and fades. Perfect for the holiday party scene, vacation nightlife, and winter sports or music festivals.

Curls and ‘Fros

The afro is a celebration of your hair’s natural texture and curl, but as we’ve seen elsewhere, 2017 is all about ordered chaos and innovative techniques. The following statement-making styles are perfect for winter nights, whether you’re out on the town or the one hosting the party.

Tousled and Textured

Tousled and Textured Hair Style

Donald Glover made GQ’s best celebrity haircuts of the year with a textured afro and bearded chin. Perfectly on trend with the intentionally uneven cut, random pieces are arranged to give this ‘fro a laid-back feel. Brush the dust off your shoulders and head into the holiday season chill as can be.

That’s a Wrap

Mens Growth Best Hair Styles 2017

This year has been full of bold new trends and resurrected classics. From quiffed crew cuts, to elaborately-designed fades, to meticulously messy manes, 2017 saw some brilliant comebacks, imaginative artwork, and stand-out renditions of old favorites. No matter your hair type (or #hairgoals), this list is your ultimate guide to find that perfect cut and color, so you can finish out the year in style, and head into 2018 knowing you’re on top of the hottest trends of the season.

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